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Crypto RPG is a digital market game. Using the popular cryptocurrency litecoin, you get started by purchasing digital items. Once you have item(s), there are many different ways to interact and play.

CRPG is easy to play, and can be played in almost any browser.

Crypto what?

Crypto relates to its use of the popular cryptocurrency litecoin as its primary form of value measurement. The RPG aspect relates to the focus on digital items you typically find in an RPG. They are almost like a digital RPG trading cards.

Are the items useful?

Other than just for trading, yes! Many items have features or uses. For example, you can use beehives to collect honey every so often. Or use an axe to cut down trees for lumber. Click an items image to learn a little more about it.

What is the best strategy to play?

It depends how you want to play, there is no one best way. The biggest factor is how much LTC you want to use to get started. Some people just want a fun way to store LTC, such as holding diamonds, rupees, and other interesting items. Most others want to "start a business" to make money.

I can start a business?

This is what some players call it when you focus on a specific good. For instance, many people who adventure need food, armor, and weapons. Some one could acquire a smith kit and iron to produce weapons and armor for them. Black smiths require a lot of iron bars to make their goods too. Some may mine for these items, but many buy the iron off the market. So another player may focus on getting mining tools and mine for metals and other goods. How you play is really up to you. An axe is always a safe bet. You can almost always find a cheap axe, and wood has a lot of uses. Some people just breed and sell cats all day too. Regardless of what you do, unless you get lucky, understand it may take time to build up your character.

This items now requires something to use it?

Depending on the item, and what you are trying to do with it, other items may be required. The items may be passive and can be used multiple times or they may need to be used like fuel to complete the action. Click an items image to learn a little more about how it works.

By why did X, Y, or Z change?

The items, processes, and algorithms for this game are constantly being updated. We are constantly trying to maintain a balance between economy and a level of "fantasy realism." This means that sometimes changes need to be made or features added. For example, if we add a cauldron then it makes sense to require this for the soup recipe.

How much do these items cost?

Hard to say, every item has a different value. Two similar items may not even be priced the same. One may better quality, have an enchantment, or the seller could just be a little more greedy. Some items are even considered rare or legendary.

Rare Items?

Some items are more rare than others. Some are also crafted with a higher quality than others too. You can tell an items quality and rarity status by using the key word and color indicators of an item. Just remember an items quality and rarity is only as it relates to that item, not items inside or created from it. So a superior box may still just have garbage inside. Where an inferior box may have a diamond inside.

  • Grey - Ruined
  • Black - Common
  • Green - Uncommon
  • Blue - Rare
  • Purple - Legendary
  • Red - Priceless

Does the value of an item change?

Yes. The value of these items can change rapidly depending on market conditions. Sometimes just buying low and selling high can be profitable. If some one floods the market with iron, this could affect many different items that relate to iron.

Do I need to pay to play?

More than likely, yes, at least at first. Some very early players were given a few free items each to get the economy started. You may still be able to get a free item by inviting a friend too. Other than that, all items in CRPG are bought and sold using LTC or acquired using other items. Once you have acquired some items though, you can either use or sell those for profit. This profit can be re-invested from your virtual wallet to get you more items.

Who is selling this item?

If you look next to an item in the market place, it has a link to the vendor page who is selling the item. You can click this link to see all the items a particular vendor is selling. If you see the "Player" designation then this means the item is being sold by a live player. When you see "Faction" though, this means the NPC faction is selling the good.


The world of CRPG has a few locations, or factions in it. CRPG begins just after a long period of war between some of these factions. With this uneasy "peace", members of each faction are still working behind the scenes to undermine their enemies. Completing quests and purchasing goods from a faction helps increase their influence, making them more powerful. Be careful though, you also have a reputation level with each faction. You can try to balance relations between a few/all of them or commit to one entirely.


As players support factions by purchasing their goods and performing their quests, a factions influence will grow. It is exciting to see which factions that the players support. It allows the story and gameplay of CRPG to change overtime based on player feedback. We are not afraid to alter the world and even remove factions if their influence were to disappear.

I can sell items?

Yes, any item in your inventory whether bought, crafted, looted, or otherwise is yours. You can sell these items or use them how they were intended. Just note that some items are destroyed upon their use, for example ingredients are used when cooking a recipe. Other tools have a chance to break when they are used as well.

How can I sell items?

Go to your inventory or account page. In your inventory list, find the item you wish to sell. In the box next to the sell button, on the far right, update the price you would like to ask for this item. Click the sell button. That is it, now you wait for someone to buy it. If no one buys it after a while, try lowering the price.

Where do my LTC go from selling items?

They go into your virtual wallet. This is a special wallet linked to your account, for use only here in Crypto RPG.

Can I withdraw LTC from my virtual wallet?

Yes, simply go to your account page to request a withdraw. A withdraw typically take 24 hours to process, and is subject to a 5% fee in addition to any miner fees. We may also request some verification documents as well, especially when required by law.

Why use a virtual wallet?

A few reasons. Mostly because Crypto RPG is best played when transactions are fast and free. Waiting for confirmations can be tedious when you are buying multiple items and in a hurry to craft something. You also save on fees. Keep in mind, you do not need to use the virtual wallet.

Must I use the wallet virtual?

Not exactly. You can turn it off for purchases and make every purchase using the blockchain. All funds from items you sell though are directly placed into your virtual wallet, instantly. However, you are more than welcome to request withdraws whenever you want.

How do I get Litecoins?

There are many different markets and exchanges. Right now coinbase seems to be the easiest to jump into. The coinbase app for your smart phone makes it very easy to purchase LTC and move it into Crypto RPG.

Do you accept other coins?

As of right now no, we only accept LTC. Our current infrastructure would support additional coins with minimal effort, however we are currently only focused on making CRPG great with LTC. We may explore additional coins in the future.

Is this block chain?

Not exactly. We are huge fans of the technology, and definitely want to explore it more. CRPG does use some block chain technology in its design though. However, we are not decentralized and to say it is block chain in the sense of how bitcoin is, that would not be accurate.

Looking Forward

Crypto RPG is still being developed and will likely be under development for quite some time.

Currently the primary goals are to balance gameplay, grow a stable economy, and fix any bugs. From there, the focus will likely be the expansion of in game items and actions.

Other long term goals include updating all GUI elements and graphics. There are also plans of doing an alignment and war update as well.

Things also being considered are some battle elements, item customizations, and a better crafting system similar to what you may see in a game like Minecraft.

In any case, keep in mind that CRPG is currently a labor of love. I work on it at my own pace. I do not make announcements as to when something is done. Features and updates are released when they are complete. They are complete when I have time to work on them.

Something Missing?

If you still have any questions, or comments, then let me know via one of the methods below.

The Social Stuffs

I am painfully open to feedback. Positive preferred, but any is appreciated. The email option goes directly to my phones email, which I check very often. Below are also links to my twitch and twitter accounts. Feel free to follow me on either, though my use of these technologies is more or less random.


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